OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Back to School with Mr. Mouse


Fall has finally arrived. With the turn of August to September came Pumpkin Spice lattes, cool breezy weather, and the anticipation of starting another school year. While I love warm weather, and summers by the lake, I always look to forward autumn with its mystery hanging in the brisk air and also, let’s be real here, wooly socks and oversized jumpers.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m actually looking forward to girls covering up with the onset autumn fashion. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer not to see stomachs hanging out of  crop tops bras, and butt cheeks peeking down out the bottom of shorts denim underpants.

In the last few weeks of summer I purchased a number of fall items, and I’m feeling pleased with the state of my closet for this season. My excitement is so real, that I find reasons to leave the house just for the sole purpose of wearing my new outfits around town (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this).





number2_FotorON ME: H&M Mickey Mouse jumper, Forever 21 jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, Michael Kors Jet Set Macbook Travel Tote

To everyone heading back to school, here’s to a great year!

x B


Revelling in Revlon

woop border

It’s been awhile since I blogged last, as I have been busy with finishing up my summer courses and taking exams. My apologies, nonetheless.

yeah right borderSorbet, Sweetheart, Rendezvous, and Juicy Papaya.

On two separate occasions I splurged on some Revlon lip products. First I bought two Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, and then two Revlon Lip Butters. Now, I knew that I had a predisposition when shopping for clothing to always buy my favourite colours, but I was not aware that I had the same problem with make up…That is until I got my lip butters home and realized that I had bought almost the exact same two colours as the lip stains! I had a good giggle, but I’m actually glad for this shopping blunder.

duh border

The lip stains are quite moisturizing, but can leave the lips rather dry as the balm wears off and the stain sets in. So, to keep the lips moisturized I like to pair my stains with the matching lip butters. I love both products on their own, but together they make for an amazing hybrid combo!

x B


Tell-All Tuesday: EOS Lip Balms

Tell-All Tuesday is the day of the week where I get to share all the juicy details of my latest shopping extravaganzas or products that I’ve been drooling over. Obviously, not every Tuesday will be a Tell-All, but when there are juicy buys, I’ll make sure to share them!

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am very easily excited. So it’s no surprise that I nearly had a heart attack when my dad brought home a Costco 4 pack of EOS lip balms for me the other day. Now, it wasn’t a gift, because I had asked him to pick them up for me, but that’s beside the point. I was freaking out with eager anticipation to try these lip balms for the very first time. And I have to say, I was not disappointed.

photo (1)

This is what it says on the EOS website: “…95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.”  Are you convinced yet?

They are extremely moisturizing, feel wonderful and soothing on the lips, and they taste delicious! And you know what else? They’re GLUTEN FREE. Boom.

Who would have thought that lip balm in round form would be so much more enjoyable than stick lip balm!I don’t know why it is. But it just is.

Do you use EOS? If so, what’s your favourite flavour? It’s a tie for me between Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit!

x B


REVIEW: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

When you’re drinking your coffee for a morning pick me up, do you ever wish it would also awaken your skin at the same time?

I’m quite a huge Rimmel London fan, and recently have read several great reviews on their Wake Me Up foundation. So, when my mum gave me a $1 off coupon for any Rimmel product, I knew it was fate giving me a nudge. I wasted no time, and headed on over to my local Wal-Mart to take the plunge. This product has quickly become my go-to summer foundation, and I will tell you why!


It is long lasting, so I don’t need to worry about it slipping around on my face or melting off with the heat of the day. Also, it gives a beautiful glow and healthy appearance to the skin, which illuminates the face and adds dimension. Now, it does have shimmer, which is something I usually try to avoid, but the shimmer is so fine and not overly obvious that I don’t find it to be a problem. In fact, I quite like it.

The coverage is light to medium (and buildable), so it’s not heavy or cakey on the face. As for the smell, it has a nice fruity scent that isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t last long after application. And finally, my favourite part, the packaging is so cute! It comes in a curved glass bottle, with an agreeable pump, meaning the more you press down the more foundation comes out, so you get to decide exactly how much you want to use. And the lid and pump are ORANGE!

One thing to know about this product is if you have oily skin you will need to powder: because the foundation creates radiant skin, it will cause your skin to appear slightly on the oily side. I like to pair it with my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder, to balance out between a glowy and a matte look. And if it’s really hot out, I’ll lightly reapply the powder every few hours or so.

I’ve been really impressed with this product, and will certainly repurchase once I finish my first bottle. Well done, Rimmel!

What’s your favourite summer foundation?

x B


WARNING: This post may contain traces of gluten.

Due to an allergy I’ve been on a strict gluten free diet for over 2 years, but only just now have I realized that applying gluten on my skin or lips could also give me reactions. Lipstick is an obvious no-brainer, since a small amount always gets in your mouth. But in my research I found that gluten in face products can cause breakouts and other unwanted reactions on the skin, even if the product is not ingested.

I began researching brands and products to try, and came across a number of sites and blogs saying that ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics are gluten free. This brand is extremely affordable, with most products priced in the $1-$3 range. So I thought I would give it a go and try out a bunch of their products. The website said the shipping could take up to a month, but it only took 4 days, so that was very impressive to me. When the package arrived I could barely contain my excitement. It was all fun and games until, much to my utter horror,  I read the back of an eyelash primer and it said the words “wheat protein”. Somehow coating my lashes with gluten, my biggest kryptonite, does not sound appealing to me.


I quickly emailed the company, and this was their response:

We apologize for any confusion regarding our ingredients. We have researched our products to ensure that they are gluten-free. According to our production department the wheat protein found does not actually contain gluten due to the processing.

So they claim it IS gluten free. Though, I don’t see how wheat protein in any shape or form could be 100% free of gluten. Because the product is just an eyelash primer I don’t see the harm in using it. However, if it was a lipstick or face product in question, I would be a lot more reluctant.

Keep an eye out for ELF product reviews!

x B




I can’t even begin to explain how many countless hours I have spent reading through NARS product reviews, and daydreaming of my first NARS purchase. This is quite typical of me, as I’m in no way an impulse buyer, and usually put a good deal of thought and research into products before the big purchase. It’s quite a good thing really, as it means I’m not reckless in my spending habits. However, the downside is that I become unreasonably obsessive about certain things until I finally just get up the nerve to go ahead and buy them.


So a  few days ago all of my NARS related obsessing ended when I took a day trip to Toronto with some friends to see a Jays game, and to shop. Now, it may come as a huge shock to some of you, but we actually left the baseball game early in order to squeeze in some extra shopping. I know, I know, favour shopping over sports? Who would have thought. As I mentioned already, I’d been planning for a long time what NARS products I would buy, so when I finally got to Sephora it didn’t take me long to make my purchase.


I bought NARS Sheer Glow (how original) in the shade Deauville. The specialist there helped me pick out the colour, and it’s a perfect match for me! I was a little nervous about choosing a colour, because I’ve been matched to the wrong foundation shade before and I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a foundation in the wrong colour. But luckily it all ended well.


I also picked up a bronzer in Laguna. And I’ve got to admit, I feel like such a beauty conformist, as both the NARS Sheer Glow and the Laguna bronzer seem to be in the makeup bag of every beauty blogger. But, when I hear about must-have products, I usually can’t stay away for long!

It turned out to be my lucky day, because they were giving away a free gift with every NARS purchase, which was a mini lipgloss in the colour Gold Digger.

Reviews of these products will be along in the next few weeks once I’ve given them a good try. So make sure to keep an eye out!

What are your favourite NARS products?

x B