Vitamins with a B

Lately I’ve been having unwelcome episodes of anxiety. Now, this isn’t anxiety that has a specific source that can be dealt with, like being stressed about school for example. It comes on randomly, and goes whenever it decides to go. In my last post, , I mentioned that I have a gluten allergy and one of the many symptoms I have when I come in contact with gluten is intense, overwhelming anxiety. Also, my B vitamins become depleted and need replenishing. Having said that, I don’t suspect gluten to be the culprit, since none of my other symptoms are present. It’s purely anxiety that I’m battling.

I decided to bring this up with my mum, because she  works for a natural health group, which means she’s constantly doing nutritional research, and thus is very knowledgeable in this area. Her diagnosis for my anxiety: Vitamin B deficiency!  A lack of vitamin B can cause anxiety, and one to feel as though life is too hard to cope. I had never known this about vitamin B, and was quite surprised to hear that my problem could very well have an easy solution.


It makes sense. When I eat gluten I become deficient in vitamin B, which then causes anxiety. Simple, right?

Since my Mum’s diagnosis, she has given me a variety of  B supplements to take every day, and guess what?! No more anxiety! All my body needed was the right combination of vitamins.

My Mum is not a doctor, and neither am I. So I don’t suggest you just go out and start taking a whole bunch of supplements without seeking proper counsel. But, the moral of the story is, sometimes a big problem has a simple solution (that doesn’t require medication). Don’t take for granted the huge role that vitamins and minerals play in the body.

Being healthy and happy contributes more to beauty than any makeup!

x B


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