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During busy periods in the school year, when I don’t have time to shop until my heart’s content, I write lists of items I’m dying to purchase so that I can temporarily put my mind at ease and focus on studying. So, now that school is out for the summer, I finally have time for lots and lots of SHOPPING! And my first  item to be crossed off my fairly long wish list: Real Techniques Core Collection brush set.

I’ve been eyeing Real Techniques brushes for a while now, ever since I saw Tanya Burr using them in her YouTube tutorials.  Her makeup always looks so lovely! I was planning on ordering a set online because I didn’t realize I could buy them  in Canada. So you can imagine it was a very happy shopping excursion when I stumbled across these brushes at my local Walmart. I bought the Core Collection, which includes a buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush, and case to hold the brushes. The set cost around $18, which averages out to less than $5 a brush. What a steal! So far I’ve used these brushes every day since I bought them, and I’ve been very impressed. My experience with inexpensive brushes is that the bristles tend to fall out on my face, but these brushes don’t do that at all.

I use the buffing brush for liquid foundation (can be used for powder too), the detailer brush for concealing blemishes, and the contour brush for bronzer and highlighter. One thing I really like about the contour brush is that it doesn’t collect a whole lot of product, so you don’t end up with really dark, over-the-top bronzer. So far I haven’t used the pointed foundation brush yet, and I doubt that I ever will since I’ve never been a fan of the paint brush style foundation brushes. My favourite brush from the whole set would have to be the buffing brush! Its synthetic bristles are short and dense, and do a great job of blending the foundation into the skin for a flawlessly smooth look.

Overall, these brushes are great value, and I’m already scoping out my next Real Techniques purchase!

What brand of brushes do you love to use?

x B


3 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes

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  2. Real Techniques are so AMAZING!!! The buffing brush is my favorite too! It seamlessly blends my foundation and doesn’t cake up with product. AMAZE.

    Love your blog!

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