Confessions of a Stripe-aholic

Do you ever look in your closet and realize that your wardrobe is slowly starting to all look the same? Or when you’re at the shops you always reach for the same colour or pattern?

Hi, my name is Becca and I am a stripe addict.


The moment I figured this all out was when I was away at a weekend event with my sister, and we both arrived at the breakfast table wearing matching striped outfits. Embarrassingly enough, she ended up being the one to change, because when I searched through my bag for a different top, I found that all three outfits I’d packed were stripes.

I clearly remember a conversation I had in my mid teens when I firmly stated “I don’t like patterns, I only wear solids.”. This statement from my 16 year old self seems utterly absurd to my current self. Since then I have come to the realization that I have a serious love-hate relationship with stripes. It’s not like I go to the shops thinking that I’m going to buy something striped, in fact I do quite the opposite. I tell myself that I’m absolutely NOT allowed to purchase another striped garment. And then what happens? I come home with 3 striped pieces! I just can’t kick it. But do I really want to?

What’s your fashion obsession?

x B


For Audrey by China Glaze


Beauty. Elegance.  Poise. Does the name Audrey Hepburn come to mind?


The epitome of  grace and elegance, Audrey Hepburn was a true beauty inside and out, so it’s no surprise that China Glaze would create a nail polish in her honour!

China Glaze is one of my favourite brands of nail polishes, and rightly so. The long lasting formula, extreme pigmentation, and wide range of colours puts it ahead of its competitors in my books. Having said that,  it’s no surprise that I fell in love with the gorgeous Tiffany blue colour, “For Audrey”, which pays homage to Audrey Hepburn’s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


The polish is fast drying,  and only requires one coat. Perfect for on-the-go! Not to mention, this classic colour, both elegant and vibrant, can be worn flawlessly no matter the season.

What’s your go-to nail polish?

x B


Real Techniques Brushes


During busy periods in the school year, when I don’t have time to shop until my heart’s content, I write lists of items I’m dying to purchase so that I can temporarily put my mind at ease and focus on studying. So, now that school is out for the summer, I finally have time for lots and lots of SHOPPING! And my first  item to be crossed off my fairly long wish list: Real Techniques Core Collection brush set.

I’ve been eyeing Real Techniques brushes for a while now, ever since I saw Tanya Burr using them in her YouTube tutorials.  Her makeup always looks so lovely! I was planning on ordering a set online because I didn’t realize I could buy them  in Canada. So you can imagine it was a very happy shopping excursion when I stumbled across these brushes at my local Walmart. I bought the Core Collection, which includes a buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush, and case to hold the brushes. The set cost around $18, which averages out to less than $5 a brush. What a steal! So far I’ve used these brushes every day since I bought them, and I’ve been very impressed. My experience with inexpensive brushes is that the bristles tend to fall out on my face, but these brushes don’t do that at all.

I use the buffing brush for liquid foundation (can be used for powder too), the detailer brush for concealing blemishes, and the contour brush for bronzer and highlighter. One thing I really like about the contour brush is that it doesn’t collect a whole lot of product, so you don’t end up with really dark, over-the-top bronzer. So far I haven’t used the pointed foundation brush yet, and I doubt that I ever will since I’ve never been a fan of the paint brush style foundation brushes. My favourite brush from the whole set would have to be the buffing brush! Its synthetic bristles are short and dense, and do a great job of blending the foundation into the skin for a flawlessly smooth look.

Overall, these brushes are great value, and I’m already scoping out my next Real Techniques purchase!

What brand of brushes do you love to use?

x B


Sea Salt Scrub


It was the last few weeks of winter and I was reminiscing wistfully about my time living in the Northern Beaches of Australia. Days spent floating in the pool, lying on the beach, or relaxing on a café patio along the beach, my skin feeling crisp from the sun, sipping on a flat white. Those were the days. So there I was at the tail end of Canadian winter, looking longingly through my Australia 2010 iPhoto album, when I was shocked to see how clear and healthy my skin looked. I began to question why that would be so, and came up with a list of possibilities, the key one being the salty ocean air, since sea salt is known for reducing inflammation, detoxifying, and softening the skin. This led me to wonder if washing my face with sea salt would clear up my complexion, and from what I read, it sounded like a highly promising option.

As I mentioned in my last post, this was during my finals at uni, and my skin was in pretty bad shape. So I began exfoliating my face with finely ground sea salt almost every day, and the improvements have been exactly as I had hoped. Pimples healed up within 1-2 days, redness was reduced, and my skin was left feeling soft and moisturized.

Here are the steps I take when exfoliating with sea salt:

  1. Wet face and pour a heaping teaspoon of sea salt into hand.
  2. Apply all over the face and exfoliate by moving hands in small circles for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Rinse off the excess.

I would recommend doing this in the shower, as it can get a bit messy otherwise. I have had really good results with this, and surprisingly, my skin feels hydrated and silky after the exfoliation, even before I put on moisturizer.

Now I would much rather pack up and spend the rest of my life in Sydney, all for the sake of my skin. However, since that’s currently not an option, I will settle for a sea salt scrub.

x B


The Hunt for Perfect Skin

I’ve been writing in diaries for many years, and I’ve always found it awkward composing the first entry. Do I just dive straight in? Or do I give a background on what’s been going on in my life up until this current moment? Much like with diaries, I’ve been debating how on earth I should start this blog. The verdict: dive straight in! So here I go…

For the last month or two I’ve been searching for the perfect foundation. During this time I was in my finals at uni, which meant that I was extremely stressed, and we all know what that means: breakouts. My skin was in awful shape, and I was getting breakouts every week, and I wanted to find a product that would not only cover them up, but would also help my skin to look even and healthy. During my search for “the perfect product” I stumbled across the BB cream hype for the first time and curiosity got the best of me. So, after reading many reviews I settled on trying Rimmel’s BB Cream 9-IN-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup. Lets just say I have fallen in love!


This BB cream claims to prime, moisturize, minimize pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten, and helps protect. It also claims to last all day. That’s a long list to live up to, and in my opinion this product lives up to some but not all of its claims. It lasts all day with out getting too oily (even though I have combination skin), it has a pretty light coverage (which is build-able, it lightly conceals blemishes but in no way does it fully cover them, it brighten, evens out the skin and looks really natural. I like to set this BB cream with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, and then I’m good to go for the rest of the day. Now, the consistency of the formula is quite thick and fast drying, which may be unappealing to some folks, but I don’t have an issue with it.

While studying and writing exams I still wanted to wear a little makeup, and this product was prefect for that, because it’s very light, and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to apply. I like to apply it with my hands, but you can use a brush and that works well too. Since finishing my exams, I’ve continued to wear this BB cream every day because I really love how long it lasts and how it makes my skin look and feel. I wear the shade light, and it matches my skin perfectly! Overall this is a great product, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re wanting to go a natural fresh look

Just to clarify, this BB cream doesn’t bring my search for the perfect foundation to a halt, nor does it replace concealer. But it has been a good product to use when I haven’t wanted to go for a full coverage look.

x B